Save 10% For Every $100 You Spend At Our Store

Any time you purchase an item from our online store, we will keep track of the amount you have spent, and for every $100 that you spend in our store (not including taxes or shipping), you will be given 10% off of any of our regularly-priced training courses.  Partial credit/percentage is not allowed.  We will cash in your "store credit" $100 at a time for 10% off of our regularly-priced courses.  Your credits will accumulate over time, and you can cash them all in at once, or use them separately.  (Example: If you spend $200 at our store, you can receive 20% off of one training course, or 10% off of two training courses.)  Please call us to "cash in" when you are ready to sign up for a class.

Store credits cannot be used for the entire cost of a course when textbooks are included.  In those cases, you will still need to pay for the cost of the textbook that is included in the course.

Credits cannot be applied to Julian Charter School course pricing or Avid Certified Instructor Summit course pricing.  Store credits cannot be redeemed for cash – they can only be used for credit toward our training courses.