PhotoScore Ultimate 7

The fastest way to scan music.

PhotoScore Ultimate is the fastest way to scan music for transpositions, arrangements, and editions. You can use it to scan in, play back, transpose, and print scores, and even save audio files. PhotoScore Ultimate reads printed and handwritten music or PDFs in seconds—not just the notes, but also printed slurs, dynamics, lyrics, guitar tab, chord diagrams, and more. You can then edit or transpose the music, play it back, extract the parts and print—just as if you’d input it yourself.


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PhotoScore Ultimate 7 reads virtually all markings in printed music, and most in handwritten music, including (handwritten capabilities highlighted in bold):

  • 5-line staves (normal and small),  4- and 6- line guitar staves, 1-, 2- and 3-line percussion staves.
  • Notes, chords (including stem direction, beams & flags) and rests (including multirests) in up to 4 voices per staff
  • Appoggiaturas (grace notes), cue-sized and cross-staff notes
  • Accidentals and articulation marks
  • Clefs, key signatures, time signatures
  • Tuplets/triplets
  • The format of the page, including the page size, staff size, margins, and where systems end
  • Slurs, ties and hairpins
  • Text including lyrics, dynamics, fingerings, instrument names, tempo and technique markings
  • Guitar chord diagrams
  • Various other markings such as codas, segnos, ornaments, pedal markings and repeat endings
  • 64 staves per page
  • 400 pages per score

Once the music has been PhotoScored with Ultimate you can…

  • Extract parts
  • Reformat the score
  • Transpose
  • Print out
  • Play back (using Espressivo™ technology licensed from Sibelius for astonishing realism!) – Guitar chord diagrams/frames are not played back, although guitar tablature staves are.
  • Send directly to Sibelius
  • Save as a MusicXML or NIFF file* and open in Finale or another music program
  • Save as a MIDI file and open in Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar or another sequencing program*
  • Save as a WAV (Windows) or AIFF (Mac OS X) file for burning to CD or converting to MP3
  • Use the performance mode to easily read music off the screen whilst you are performing

Read more about music scanning…

The difficulty with scanning music or text is that by scanning a page, a computer does not ‘understand’ it. As far as the computer is concerned, scanning a page merely presents it with a grid of millions of black and white dots, which could be music, text, a photograph or anything else

The process of actually reading or interpreting music, text or pictures from this grid of dots is extremely complex and poorly understood. A large part of the human brain, containing many millions of connections, is devoted solely to solving this ‘pattern recognition’ problem.

For this reason, only a handful of music scanning programs have ever been developed, and past attempts have generally been very slow, very inaccurate, or unable to recognize many standard musical markings.

PhotoScore represents a significant advance being able to read a wide variety of music with high speed, accuracy and a good range of music symbols.

PhotoScore is able to read virtually all markings on a page and is the only product available capable of reading guitar tab and percussion staves.

System Requirements

Minimum requirements for PhotoScore Ultimate

IBM-compatible Pentium III (or equivalent AMD processor) or higher PC with at least 512 MB RAM
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
At least 40 MB available hard disk space
Adobe Reader 6.0 or later should be installed to view PhotoScore’s PDF help.

Intel-powered Apple Mac with Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
At least 512 MB RAM (more than 512 MB RAM may be desirable if you need to scan many small staves, or photos and graphics)
At least 40 MB available hard disk space
Apple Preview or Adobe Reader 6.0 or later should be installed to view PhotoScore’s PDF help.

Sibelius users note: Although PhotoScore will work with Sibelius 3 or later, It is recommended that you use Sibelius 5 or later as it has greatly improved PhotoScore importing capabilities.

A scanner (connected to your computer via a USB, Printer or SCSI port), and installed Mac OS X TWAIN driver software

Please Note: It is highly recommended you visit your scanner manufacturer’s website and download the latest version of the driver software. You may need to contact your scanner manufacturer for information on installing a suitable TWAIN driver. If a Mac OS X TWAIN driver is not available for your scanner, you will need to scan using separate software, save suitable TIFF files, and open these in PhotoScore.


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